Let’s talk about “Incels”

This article comes with a STRONG CONTENT WARNING.

This post contains:

Foul language, descriptions of rape, child molestation, child abuse, sexual slavery, extreme violence, paedophilia, and other things.

**for your own safety, if at any point in this article you feel uncomfortable please close it immediately**

Also note that I have NOT censored any usernames from screenshots. All were taken from publicly available threads on public sites.

No doubt, if you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet you’ve heard the term “incels”. Incels is a contraction of the words “involuntarily celibate”. Which, as is obvious, describes only males who are forced into celibacy, generally due to all of society finding them undesirable. Incels claim this is based solely on their physical appearance.

Their theory is that physically attractive women, known in the incel community as “Stacy”, desire only males referred to as “Chad”. Chad is basically what they call an alpha-male. Under this tier of the upper echelons of normative society are multiple other subgroups. “Normies” are generally ugly or unattractive males who can “pass” as Chad’s in order to achieve the goal of sex with attractive women. They also consume more than their share of women who aren’t considered a Stacy, being overweight or non-conventionally “hot” women. Again, this affects incels as women will accept sex with normies  or “Norman’s” over sex with an incel.

Are you following so far? Male model types are Chad’s. Attractive females are Stacy’s. Average males or betas are Norman’s. So let’s add a new term to the mix: JBs. JBs are considered the most desirable women (?). When I say women… really I mean girls. If you haven’t clued in on what “JB” means yet: Jail Bait. It stands for jail bait. Yes, incels believe girls below the general Age of Consent are perfect mates and the most prized and desirable of the female species. Now I don’t need to mention how utterly pro-pedophelic that concept is, and incels believe science supports their argument that females in the 12 year old to 16 year old age bracket and biologically perfect for “breeding”. The general consensus is to then marry them off at 15/16 years old.

How you feeling? Holding down your breakfast alright there? I know, it’s a lot to take in but stick with me. It certainly gets WORSE.

So where in the world does one find an incel? First stop: r/incel the dedicated incel thread on Reddit. (This appears to have been shut down as recently as the last few days, allegedly due to a poster repeatedly posting extremely violent threats. Never fear though, they have already created a new one r/IncelReddit which is already very active.)

Other online locations include the infamously horrid “Slut Hate” and a site called “LoveShy” has long welcomed fellow incels. There are other smaller, less dedicated sites frequented by the incel community but these are probably the most popular.

So let’s recap! Incels are often virgins, they specifically hate women, they blame women and specifically attractive women for them not being awarded sex with underage girls. Some blame is geared towards other men, but that’s still because of women.

Power and control through fear and intimidation… and extreme acts of violence. 

I know what you’re thinking: how does this phenomenon happen? How does one end up being a self-described incel? At this point we have no definitive response to that question. Psychologists studying the incel movement have suggested it can be linked to existing mental illness including PTSD and paedophilia. Along with depression and other mental illness. Some have suggested links with childhood abuse or witnessing abuse in the home as a child. The most prominent suggestion is that it’s becoming simply a new outlet for paedophilia. But there are not many psychologists currently studying this so any reasoning is purely speculative at this point.

Who the fuck is Chad?! Apparently every male who has ever had sex with an attractive woman. 

As for the history of the movement, it’s been around in huddled dark corners of the internet for a very long time. Slowly and quietly slipping under the radar until one historical event thrust incels into the limelight. On May 23rd, 2014 Elliot Rodger went on a shooting spree in Isla Vista, California. Elliot killed 6 people and injured 14 others before killing himself by gunshot in his vehicle. Before commencing his spree he uploaded a YouTube video outlining his plans and reasoning entitiling the video “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution”. Comments made in the video refer to punishing women for rejecting him and feeling envious of men who were sexually active and punishing them for their sexual activity. After posting the video Elliot also sent an email to friends, family and his therapist. The email contained more reasoning behind his actions and was titled “My Twisted World: The Story Of Elliot Rodger”. The email was released in full online shortly after and became known as the Elliot Rodger Manifesto.

Screen grab from Elliot Rodger’s video on YouTube detailing his reason for killing 6 and injuring 14 others. He is the poster boy for the incels and this meme is common in the community and clearly idolized the actions of Elliot in 2014. 

Elliot was known to frequent online sites such as PUAHate and the Reddit r/ForeverAlone which is considered a forerunner of the incel subreddit.

There was some debate over the motives behind the spree with many claiming it was misogynistic in nature. Others claiming linking it to misogyny was a stretch. Debate flew on Twitter with the hashtag #NotAllMen gaining popularity with people expressing that not all men are misogynistic or murders. The following day the hashtag #YesAllWomen was born to express that all women experience misogyny and sexism. As we know, both hashtags are still widely used today. And often not in the purpose they were created for.

What impact did the actions of Elliot Rodger’s have on the incel movement? Plenty… to this day incels still refer to “going ER” as considering going on a murder spree. In incel forums it’s agreed that Elliot gained fame and attention with his actions which they see as desirable. Some even agree that the people he murdered deserved it for being sluts and for stealing their opportunity to have sex with women. But the effects don’t end there. Elliot also left a mark on society with his spree. We suddenly saw the darker, underbelly of male mental health issues. Our eyes were opened to the much darker side of the Mens Rights Movement and “Red Pill” and we suddenly had open conversations about the apparent physical dangers of the ideas expressed by people like Elliot.

Their only hope of achieving sex with hot sluts is through bloodshed… 
This comment is praising the mass shootings perpetrated by fellow Incels over the years. 

I have been places and seen things today that I can never unsee. While researching this article I have read thread after thread of incel commentary. The entitlement of incels is extremely apparent in each and every comment. The posts frequently dripping with not only hatred, but utter revulsion for women. Terms like “sluts”, “whores” etc are every sentence. Ideas like murdering women who reject them simply by being sexually active with anyone but them. Concepts like government sanctioned teen prostitutes employed or forced to service incels are openly discussed. Specific ways to degrade women so they will sleep with incels are talked about frequently. I’ve seen multiple mentions of manipulating women into either talking to or having sex with incels. Including threatening suicide.

This comment illustrates how incels not only feel entitled to attractive women but they feel failure to provide that is a human rights violation which the only recourse for is violence.

One disturbing thread stated that sexual activity with hot sluts should be a human right for incels as it comes under Maslows Heirarchy of needs and requires fulfilling for an incel to live happily.

Happiness is also a common theme in incel writings. Not their own, but women’s. The happiness of women is often discussed but not as a desirable trait. Incels often refer to women as mentally ill robots. Robots who foster their own unhappiness by having sex or being attracted to Chad’s. It is widely discussed that female genitals are foul, disgusting, loose, smell, damaged etc. They are referred to as cumholes and other derogatory terms. Virgins are highly sought after and rank highest in the incel system known as SMV or “Sexual Market Value”… They consider women and girls a commodity. Albeit one specifically denied to only incels. They repeat a false narrative that from age 12 everyone else in the world is sexually active almost constantly. In their view women over that age are basically having sex with every one every minute of the day. And their rage and hatred is very obvious on this issue.

Calling for the enforced sexual slavery of 12 year old girls to service incels… 
Suggesting 12 year old girls be forced to service dozens of men daily. I wish I could say the poster was trolling but this particular poster has been active for years with similar themes being argued. 

When broken down, incel is basically a self-fulfilling prophecy. These men claim they are too ugly to ever have sex with women, they spit vile hatred and degradation towards women, then complain that women don’t want “nice guys”. How ironic!

Taken from an active Reddit today… 

I have included a selection of posts I’ve found which really illustrate the mindset of these dangerous and unstable men. Many people don’t know how deep the incel movement goes, and total numbers of those who identify as incels is almost impossible to measure. Many people have passed them off as whiny MRAs, and in most cases that is where they start out. In MRA and other subgroups. They discuss the day they were “redpilled” as the day they realised they were incels. Red pilling refers to a scene in the film “The Matrix” where Morpheus offers Neo a choice of red or blue pills to unveil the mind about the true world we live in. In Neo’s world it was an earth ruled by machines. In Incels and MRAs world it is a life of oppression from women and feminism in particular.

Openly discussing if a 14yo girl has the mental faculties to consent to being sexually abused. 
Umm… perhaps their dicks get stretched and floppy after several hundred intercourses… 

I think we need to acknowledge that the incel movement really isn’t a joke. Not that we should take them seriously. But Elliot inspired multiple other mass shootings and murders across the United States since 2014. These people are not as harmless as we would like to believe.

What can be done? Is there something to be done about Incels? Probably not. Discussing toxic masculinity could help. Providing better mental health care for men would most certainly help, but in the U.S. that’s unlikely to occur any time soon…

So, for now, I’m off to bleach my brain after wading through incel threads all day. I also need a stiff drink.

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