Things you didn’t know about hymens!

It was bought to my attention this week that I didn’t know what I thought I did about the female hymen. And let me tell you, I was SHOCKED that some people *cough-incels-cough* knew even less. And then added in some made up bullshit too just to he more confusing. Ok. So let’s get some things straight.

1. You never lose your hymen. It doesn’t shatter like glass or fall off or anything like that. It does tear resulting in bleeding sometimes and it also does retract. But it heals. So a tear isn’t the end of things.

2. It has zero significance when it comes to virginity. None. Zilch. Zip. Nada.

3. Having a hymen means nothing about your sexual status or accomplishments. Many girls will damage theirs long before their first sexual encounter.

4. Guys can’t tell anyway! Nope, he cannot tell if your hymen is intact with he penis. And bleeding during penetration doesn’t automatically mean your cherry was just popped. Even gentle penetration can cause tears or grazes to multiple parts of the vagina on occasion. Which means the entire cherry popping fantasy is a complete myth!

Basically, they are completely fantasizing over something that doesn’t exist. Surprise, Surprise! There are natural variations to the female hymen and most require no intervention. Some may require medical intervention in some circumstances.

images (40)
Natural variations of the hymen

In different people the hymen appears different to each other and different over time. It tends to recede over time and may be soft and flexible or tough and thick. There is no standard or average hymen. The parameters for normal vary widely and majority of women will fall in this broad field of normal. There is no way even medical professionals can confirm if a hymen is in fact intact either. Since they vary so widely it is not any kind of indication of sexual activity.

So from now on, let’s stop equating hymens to virginity and purity. Because it’s a load of bullshit…

Spread the word! Also let us know in the comments any other hymen myths you may have heard!

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