Las Vegas…

This is an opinion piece. All thoughts are the authors own. This article may contain graphic images.

You may be already asking what the recent Las Vegas shooting has to do with Sex Positivity, and I’m glad you asked, there are distinct gender connections with mass shootings in the US. While there has been much speculation about motives, there has been no official motive released at this stage.
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Over 58 people have been killed. More than 500 injured. Some still in critical conditions. I’ve seen the video. I have seen the photos. I have heard people crying and seen the people lying in a space that 5 minutes before hand had been filed with people attending a concert. How could this happen? How could you let this happen? When should we be asking these questions?

I’m asking them now. How many times do you have to watch a man with a gun slay innocent people? How many times do the public have to cry over perfect strangers before people start listening? Let’s get rid of the politics. Let’s get rid of the motives for a minute. Let’s focus on the problem. What was the problem here? A man was allowed legal access to a ridiculous assortment of high powered semi automatic rifles. In other mass shootings, there was a similar issue… men being allowed access to guns. I don’t honestly care about the people who own guns and DON’T murder. You guys are alright sometimes… except you’re actually not. You all help feed into this system that permits and encourages people to arm themselves. And for what?? Seriously. For what?? You armed your nation for the moment when your government exerts too much control so you can rebel. But you only armed the white people. So now that your trumpet president is pressuring minorities all across the country and threatening to set you back 70 years, where are you people with your guns?? Isnt this the moment you’ve been waiting for? But no… you gave all the guns to the peopke who SUPPORT the trumpet shaped fool.

You cling to them like security blankets but they are useless. You encourage and make it legal for people like Steven Paddock to accumulate weapons. For what? Tell me. Because I don’t understand. For what?? Who is he supposed to be aiming them at? If he aimed at the government you’d call him a terrorist. But isn’t that what you tell each other the guns are for?? Overthrowing a shady government? Or does your privilege keep you safe from harm? Does it bother you that an army of white people exist in your country? Fully armed and ready… with no one to aim at?


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When white supremacists marched through your streets and violence erupted, who had the guns? The oppressors… your entire nations attitude towards guns is dysfunctional. You tell people they need guns to protect themselves. But from who?? Because as far as I can see, the only people they need protecting from is other people with guns. Especially men with guns, not that I want to focus on gender here, but it’s undeniable males seem to perpetrate most mass shootings.

Your guns don’t work the way your patriotic ideology tells you it should. You don’t aim them at governments. You don’t use them to protect yourself. You aim them at each other.

What would I know though, I live in a country with limited access to guns. I don’t think you even understand how shocking it is to other countries to see you gathered with family posing with weapons in your Instagram pictures. To hear of children, toddlers even, accidentally shooting each other with a gun they found. To watch videos of your citizens ruthlessly slaying people at a concert. It seems so outlandish to hear about you needing a gun to go grocery shopping. Keeping it in your glovebox in case you run into trouble while running errands in your car or on your way to work. Beyond outlandish. It’s bordering on insane. I will never understand it. Something in you is broken. What will it take for you to see that and do something to fix it? Because the people you say need guns for their own protection are the same people shooting into crowds at concerts. The same people shooting up your schools. The same people leaving guns on the coffee table for toddlers to kill each other with. How close to home do the bullets need to hit before you do something? Your country is broken. And I’m sick of watching people die because of it. Do something.

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