The fault with incels…

CW: paedophilia, incels, derogatory language.

Cruising around my newsfeed today and I discovered this pearler of an incel screenshot:


Needless to say, this seems like an extremely problematic perception of women and girls. And let’s be honest, someone 16 years old or under is barely a woman, so we’re already hitting on the first problem: these guys are pining for CHILDREN. If that isn’t a huge red flag… read on for more.

Lets break down that first paragraph some more:

“Their voices are high, their faces bright and free of wrinkles, their bodies tight yet supple and abundant with estrogen, their pussies pure and untouched.”

Umm… ok. Firstly, females undergo minute changes during puberty, most would be completed by age 16. Also the vocal change primarily affects their singing voice rather than their speaking voice. This can vary from person to person but overall it’s unnoticeable in most girls. So scratch that one off the list.

Next up: their faces bright and free of wrinkles!! As if acne and combination skin during puberty isn’t even a thing! Again, this blanket statement may be true for some, but most teens will know their skin is anything but flawless from one day to the next. Hormones can be a bitch…

I am loath to speak of children’s bodies the way this person has written here… “firm but supple”? What does that even mean? If it means anything to anyone I’m over 30 and can lick my knees…

And I’m not even going to comment on the bit about teenage girls vaginas. I feel dirty even thinking about what they wrote 🤢… can anyone say ‘paedophile’? Ick. But I will comment that an average of 30% of girls in western countries have had some form of sexual contact by the age of 16. Where ever this purity bullshit comes from I don’t know. But it can go straight back there. Girls, your value is not measured by your virginity or the fucking purity of your damn vagina.

images (43)

The rest of this is plain ideological bullshit. According to this user a woman in her 20s is about the equivalent of an 80yo… wrinkles, overweight, somehow her muscle elasticity has degraded to a point where her vagina resembles the cross city tunnel… woah there buddy! Back the truck up! No, that’s absolutely not how the human female body works. Like, at all. Women are in their physiological prime well into their 30s now. This dude can go suck a traffic cone. (Sorry, I’ll stop with the bad road puns).

The whole post degrades into some kind of pedo-fetish after that and it’s all too scary to think about today. That there exists in this world,  a group of men who never matured past the age of 15, is scary. Their deep hatred and disgust of women is evident in almost every disgusting post and comment. Imagine being so bitter about not being able to take the virginity of a child!!! Imagine believing you are even entitled to even imagine that being a possibility…

So for the safety of all, if an incel approaches you: don’t make direct eye contact! He may see this as a sign you are open to sexual harassment. Put both hands in front of your body, not in a submissive pose, try something aggressive like extending the middle fingers on both hands with a closed fist. Lastly, when safe to do so, call his mother to let her know her son is out in public unsupervised… who am I kidding?! This would never happen because incels never leave their basements!

Seriously tho… incels are an endless source of delight in human misery and disgust at male entitlement…

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