Adventures in Incel

And… I’m back with another enticing incel update! If you don’t yet know what incels are, please get thee to this link for a basic overview.

Basically they are trash. And today, they have illustrated just how trash they are. After one takes “The Red Pill”, a select few are offered “The Black Pill”. The Black Pill causes Inceldom as far as I can tell; since no man who ever took it has been laid ever since. BOOM! There’s some actual fucking science for ya! (Yes, I did a population survey of black pillersĀ  and discovered 100% have never been laid) (not really though).

Moving on. To our favourite Incel obsession! Hebephilia… yay… *gags*


Okkkkaaaaayyyy buddy… he’s basically saying: if I’m a teenage girl everyone else must be too. If not, you’re being manipulated by the wimmins. (Those pesky wimmins always ruining your hebephilic obsessions and shizz).

Yep, I’m not even kidding. Nope, I don’t know what’s wrong with them. I also don’t believe that chart is science… at all.


That’s all on this week’s Incel Update! Stay tuned for more…

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